Daniele Luppi & Greg Gonzalez Share New VIdeo for “Silent Dream”

Following the release of their collaborative EP Charm of Pleasure last month, Los Angeles-based artist and composer Daniele Luppi and Cigarettes After Sex’s Greg Gonzalez share a new video for the EP track “Silent Dream”.  The retro-futuristic visual directed by Caitlin Gerard sees actress Keva Walker in a vintage car as she longs the memories of a past relationship through romantic black and white footage.

“Throughout the conversations I had for the video, there were a few constants I thought had to be there no matter what the final treatment was going to be: a classic 1940’s car, actor/dancer Keva Walker and some kind of a “Lynchian” twist involving vintage footage. I found this incredible-looking 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster in truly impeccable shape. Its design works as a time-machine, or at least as a strong visual twist that transports the story to ‘another’ time, though I use “time” loosely as we didn’t go for a true period piece but rather some kind of retro-futuristic surreal place where everything can happen. Keva’s facial features proved to be the balancing ingredient — they combine so many aspects of human emotion and convey a timeless feeling in such a straightforward way. The idea was to conjure a specific atmosphere through small details: the haircut, the wardrobe, the way they move and occasionally dance, the make up etc. The result is a constant push-and-pull between old and new, classic and avant-garde, traditional and innovative. The “Lynchian” aspect was approached by mixing reality with dream-like sequences, surrealism (a nod to filmmaker Luis Buñuel whose work I love) and some strong violet lighting. Specifically, the alternate reality was represented by actual vintage black&white footage taken from a variety of romantic films, which is slowly discovered in awe (and perhaps envied) by Keva’s character,” shares Luppi abuut the video.