Cam Kahin Signs to Dine Alone Records

Toronto, Ontario-based musician/producer Cam Kahin has joined the Dine Alone Records roster and today released his debut single for the label, “compass”.  Arriving alongside a Lebni Thodakee Avitia (Heirmanos)-directed video featuring a mix of studio footage and a recent DIY show, “compass” is as anthemic as it is cathartic. Cam explains “compass” “is a bright, fast-paced song about trying to get the people around you to recognize your self-destructive behavior.”

Lebni explains: “I’ve known Cam since he was in 11th grade (thanks to my younger brother), shot one of his first music videos, and stayed friends ever since. To see his growth, and talent rise the way it has, has been truly amazing. From the very beginning, Cam had always told me he doesn’t know what else he would be doing in life if it wasn’t music. I think you get a sense of that hunger, passion, and longing when you watch this video. You also get a glimpse into the beautiful people that we get to surround ourselves with, which I think is the real success story. Life can be difficult, but I can truly say that music is what guides Cam through his tough times, and you can hear that within his lyrics. I basically wanted to share what I think is the beginning of an amazing journey.”

Kahin is next set to play as part of a Dine Alone Records showcase during M For Montreal at Théâtre Fairmount on November 18th.