Rose Noir Shares “Hope”

Genre-blending producer Rose Noir will be releasing his debut EP, Bloom, on October 28th via Halfeti Records / Quality Goods Records. On the EP, listeners will find the brass-rich Jazz-funk record “Hope” and, with each cinematic riff, get to know the sound-defining musician who helped establish one of Electronic music’s most prominent genres. The two-time World Champion turntablist has previously worked with rapper R.A.P Ferreira, formerly known as Milo and Scallops Hotel, as well as other celebrity musicians, while his devotion to his craft has placed him on numerous internationally acclaimed stages, namely Coachella, Sónar, and EDC Las Vegas.

Based in Paris, France, having lived in London, UK, as well as LA, USA, Rose Noir composes gripping music inspired by ’70s motion pictures and obscure music libraries. The producer has deep roots in Hip-Hop and plans to craft beat tapes that nod to pioneering legends Madlib and Jay Dilla. In moniker and music, Rose Noir blends the velveteen delicacy of rose petals with the black-and-white starkness of film noir to create a tension between beauty and darkness. Free of loops or samples, his signature Jazz-funk blend takes its influence from Brian Bennet, Azymuth, Janko Nilovic, and David Axelrod and brings the likes of Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, and Marc Moulin to mind.

“The music is definitely inspired by ’70s movies, but also by obscure ’70s libraries music vinyl which is what music supervisors were using as background music in movies, advertisements, TV shows etc…but also nowadays highly sought after by music enthusiasts and hip-hop producers looking for new materials to sample. I don’t have specific scenes in mind, but it’s like I’m trying to write the soundtrack of an imaginary suspense film from the past.”