Casey Moon Releases ‘mirrors’ EP

mirrors is the second EP in a trilogy by Casey Moon.  The first one, fountains, is about feeling everything all at once; not really understanding yourself or what’s happening, just letting experiences flow through you. mirrors is about growing out of that and feeling like you really know yourself; having a sense of mastery over what you want out of life.

“parks ii” really distills mirrors‘ narrative, which is meant to feel like you’re inside of a nightclub with the neon lights flashing. Moon took a lot of inspiration from the 80s – his favorite era for dance music. Fountains heads somewhere unknown and in mirrors you’ve arrived. “I was really into Twin Peaks and Blade Runner when I was producing it, so there are some lyrical references in there,”Moon says

“I set out to make a project specifically incorporating my indie rock roots. Going with live drums, juno synth, lots of chorus on the guitars, heavy reverb helped to establish the air of hyperdrama I was going for. I want listeners to feel like they’re living in an 80s movie.”