Kalina Tyne Shares New Single “Phoebe & Elliott”

Los Angeles-based artist Kalina Tyne has released her new single “Phoebe & Elliott”. The track was produced by Diego Ferrera, whose credits include work with Noah Cyrus, Neil Young, LeAnn Rimes, and Grady.

While the song lovingly name-drops indie rock musicians Phoebe Bridgers and Elliott Smith, Tyne describes the song as a “tribute to nostalgia and youthful naivety.” Over driving electric guitars Tyne reminisces about young love with the lyrics “I tried to be the kind of cool you like.” Tyne reflects on the agony of wanting someone to want you, but lands on the realization, “It’s sad, but it’s true, I think I outgrew you / I don’t fit into your world like I used to.”

Working with Diego Ferrera, who produced Tyne’s song “Chandler Bing” (the April 2022 single) the singer/songwriter expands her musical experimentation as the guitar-and-drum-heavy track descends into an acoustic outro ornamented with vocoder harmonies and a mellotron. “It was the first song we ever worked on together, and it was as though we’d been working together for years” Tyne comments. “We nearly finished the song in the first session.”

“Phoebe & Elliott” is the follow up to “Chandler Bing,” the April 2022 single that spawned a popular series of videos featuring songs named for other various sitcom characters and celebrities (Bridgers and Smith included). Tyne’s future plans include a duet with Los Angeles based artist Jenna Victoria and continuing to release more solo singles.