Dylan James Releases Brand New Track “Boys Yard”

Following on from his openly honest debut single “Let’s Talk” released earlier this year, Dylan continues forging ahead with the second track from his upcoming debut album. “Boys Yard” is a football anthem in the making, with lines such as “score from forty yards” and “cover every blade of grass” – with the World Cup around the corner, this track could speak volumes to dreamers of scoring the perfect goal. Reminiscent of anthemic indie songs from the early 2000’s, “Boys Yard” leans into the era’s playfulness while still being encouraging and full of hope.

“‘Boys Yard’ is about the making dreams you have as a kid come true and believing one day you’ll be your hero – it’s a fairytale of hope and excitement by living your fantasy in the safety of your own back yard. I wrote it in lockdown with my boys trying to score in the top corner of a pint-sized goal mouth emulating their football heroes. It’s a song far deeper than football and the innocence of being a child before the darker side of life makes our dreams less of a reality.”