Charlotte Plank Shares New Single “Lost Boys”

Charlotte Plank today drops her top sophomore single “Lost Boys”, and the second glimpse of her incredibly unique brand of hard-hitting jungle beats, soft R&B vocals & indie alternative lyrics. When asked about the song’s meaning, Charlotte said “It speaks about the difficulties of young boys /people in general who are of a certain age who are finding out who they are through some of the best but most turbulent years.”

“The song highlights particular issues with trying too hard to be something you’re not/feeling lost with who you are- and trying to fill those feelings with temporary quick fixes eg chemicals/girls/rebelling/bad habits/finding ways to inflate their egos etc and how these things usually won’t solve those issues,” says Charlotte.

“It’s personal to me in the sense that I have a habit of trying to fix people and have tried in the past and been burnt by it, hence the lyric ‘lost boys lost boys, you’re never gonna help them’, translating to fact you are never gonna be able to help someone out of something if they aren’t ready to help/come to a realization themselves,” she continues.

Those new to Charlotte’s music today will also be able to discover her first song “Hate Me” which, like with today’s “Lost Boy” release, has introspective yet bold lyrics entwined to her ultimately outgoing production. On “Hate Me”, Charlotte said, “The fact that you’d rather make someone hate you than let them get too close and under your skin is a defense mechanism.”