Ava Toton Releases Two Singles

Ava Toton is a 13-year-old rock singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Northern California. Her latest original song releases, “Like A Girl” and “Embers” are out now. ‘Like a Girl’ and ‘Embers’ follow her debut EP A.V.A. at 11 (2021) and the follow-up Charm School Dropout at 12 (2022).

Ava writes her own music and co-writes her lyrics. She also performs all guitar and vocals. The singles were produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Light at Modern Tone Studios in Lafayette, CA. Jacob Light plays bass guitar and Gideon Berger (Useless ID, War Bison, Kill The Drive) is on drums.

“Embers” is a driving, melancholic song about feeling down but not out, while “Like a Girl” celebrates female empowerment. Ava spent a lot of time working on the guitar solos for these songs, and they are worthy of repeat listening. Ava is releasing these songs together because they represent the sometime wild swings of emotion many people experience on any given day. Sort of the yin-yang of the average human navigating through daily life.