Milku Shares Debut Single & Music Video “Alone”

Introducing new Eora/Sydney-based art-pop indie artist, Milku aka Miles Elkington, with his newest single and video, “Alone”. A bouncy alt-pop confessional set to a tight backbeat rhythm, Milku shines as he transposes introspective thought via a sunny drawling delivery. Produced by Tim Fitz (Middle Kids) and Dave Hammer, “Alone” is anchored by a humming melody that soon becomes an earworm for repeat play.

Accompanying the track is a cinematic video set in a picturesque European summer, directed by Thomas Davies. Milku roams between pastel postcard-ready lakes, boats, mountains and hotel rooms, his quick wit making the most of time spent alone.

“To me this song is about the loneliness we feel under the big game we talk and the beautiful photos we take, and the gnawing feeling that maybe we’re not all we’re cracked up to be. I thought it would be funny to set that idea to the happiest synth sounds I could make and the most beautiful locations in the world while on holidays. I don’t really see this song as ironic, nor fully self-serious — it’s just the happy and the sad of being alone, played together.”