emie nathan Shares “deep down”

Today, powerhouse songstress emie nathan releases the live video to new brand new EP’s title track “deep down”. Her impressive sophomore out a few days ago is packed with profoundly personal yet relatable songwriting working in tandem with sleek production, together forming a perfect ensemble for emie’s worldclass vocals.

Speaking about the EP’s title on deep down, emie says “It’s my declaration of disillusion with social media as an artist. No one really tells you at the start that being an artist means wearing a number of potential different hats that have absolutely nothing to do with songwriting or performing: activist, visionary, comedian, model, influencer… the list goes on.”

“Obviously, that list will vary from one artist to another depending on who they are and what the endgame may be (especially as a woman), but I know that when I first decided to be an artist it was because I love singing and performing for people. I like being on a stage with a bunch of musicians and sharing music that feels important and fun. deep down is a little cry for recognition that it isn’t, and shouldn’t be all about the numbers and stats. You can have all the followers in the world and still not sell out a venue.”