Mocs Set Record for Graduation Success Rate

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Athletics Department has set another program record for classroom performance. The Mocs’ student-athlete Graduation Success Rate has reached an all-time high of 91%, based on information released by the NCAA this week. The NCAA began tracking GSR scores in 1998.

All totaled, 10 of the Mocs’ 13 measured programs scored a perfect 100% graduation rate, while 11 beat the national average for their respective sport. Figures released this week reflect graduation numbers among student-athletes who entered school in 2015.

“Our academic success is always a bragging point for us,” stated Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Mark Wharton. “If you look at where we were in 2012 and compare it to 2022, the growth and improvement is amazing.

“Our coaches recruit quality student-athletes intent on earning a degree, while our academic staff does an outstanding job supporting them throughout their time at UTC. Add that to the hard-working nature of our student-athletes and we expect to see this level of success in the classroom continue for years to come.”

Over the last 20 years, the NCAA has seen its overall GSR increase from 74% to its current peak at 90%. As seen in the chart below, the Mocs were at 48% for GSR in 2010 and just 50% as recently as 2012. This is the second time they have broken the 90% mark, having hit that milestone first in 2020.

UTC tied Samford for the Southern Conference lead with seven women’s programs scoring a perfect 100%. Chattanooga was second in the SoCon with 10 overall teams with a 100% GSR score. Those programs include:

Women’s basketball
100% GSR 93% National Average

Men’s cross country
100% 84%

Women’s track & field/XC
100% 91%

Men’s golf
100% 90%

Women’s golf
100% 96%

100% 95%

100% 94%

Men’s tennis
100% 93%

Women’s tennis
100% 97%

100% 95%

This is the first time softball and women’s basketball have posted perfect scores. The volleyball program has scored a 100 for each of the last eight years, while men’s tennis and soccer have logged perfect numbers for four years in a row. Men’s cross country, women’s track & field and cross country and men’s golf have recorded 100% GSRs for three years in a row. Football scored 81%, which beat the national average of 78% for FCS programs.

The GSR — which more accurately reflects mobility of college students beyond what the federal graduation rate measures — was created by the Division I Board of Directors in 2002. The federal rate counts as an academic failure any students who leave their initial school, even if the students transfer and enroll at another school. Also, the federal rate does not include students who enter school as transfer students.

The GSR formula removes from the rate student-athletes who leave school while academically eligible and includes student-athletes who transfer to a school after initially enrolling elsewhere. This calculation provides a more accurate measure of student-athlete success.