Cadence Release New EP ‘The Big Wheel’

Israeli Rock Duo Cadence release new EP The Big Wheel and music video for “Headphones”.

The Israeli rock duo’s first international album features four songs of diverse styles and musical direction, inspired by the history of the duo’s origins. Meeting at Kindergarten at age five, and starting their first band together at age ten, Ran Zilca and Amir Shwartz proceeded to form the rock band “Inch”, that toured the Tel Aviv clubs and continued to record and perform locally in the late 1980s. Fast forward 30 years of career and family, they reunited as Cadence, working with iconic Israeli producer Gil Smetana, releasing a debut album in 2019.

While inspired by the sights and sounds impressed in the minds of two 1970s Israeli kids, The lyrics of the songs of The Big Wheel are a reflection of the personal journeys of the two artists, today an AI researcher and a real estate engineer/entrepreneur, and both family men. Musically, the styles vary from alternative/electronic rock to old-school ballads, with a recognizable influence of modern European prog metal.