Eric Hilton Releases New EP Today

Montserrat House Music and veteran producer/artist Eric Hilton announce the release of Present Past and Future, the downtempo pioneer’s brand new six-song EP out today. Sonically, Present Past and Future shifts between jazz-tinged drum-n-bass and laid-back urban funk, with a dusty ambience throughout that will tick the trip-hop genre box for many. But Hilton’s crate-digging, vinyl connoisseur aesthetic brought disparate influences into the creation of this new offering, with nods to trumpeter Donald Byrd, jazz poet Gil Scott-Heron, and legendary American record production team the Mizell Brothers.

“Music defies time,” Hilton says. “It can linger in the present moment, move forwards or backwards. Music can be part of all these realities.” And on this new EP, the Thievery Corporation co-founder takes the listener from inner city sidewalks of the 1970s to the edges of the Universe … and back.