The Stone Foxes’ New LP ‘On The Other Side’ Out Today

Today, San Francisco-based rock outfit The Stone Foxes have released their new LP, On The Other Side. “My brother and I created this album to be a cinematic western rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack to accompany you when the journey gets rough,” says Shannon Koehler, who co-founded the band with his brother, Spence. “We’re all trying to get through our own things in a big beautiful broken world, trying to reach greener grass, while holding on to the people we love.”

The band, known for their bone-shaking blues-infused rock, expanded their sonic horizons with On The Other Side, adding a cinematic horn section to their signature style. “Spence and I both grew up loving western movies and soundtracks, especially the stuff by Ennio Morricone, with the horses and spurs and all that beautiful noise,” Shannon recalls. “The goal was to marry those western sounds with our first love of rock ‘n’ roll, but do it with simpler and tighter grooves. Like if Ennio Morricone and T. Rex had a more modern-looking baby, that was the mindset.”

Though recorded in various locations – The Complex in San Francisco, New & Improved Recording, and in bedrooms and living rooms across the Bay Area – On The Other Side is a seamless blend of searing riffs, thundering beats, and dramatic horns.

On The Other Side reflects the brothers’ struggles with anxiety, being grounded by love, and the experience of living in a deeply disturbing America. Themes of heartbreak are also present – in the figurative and literal sense. In the summer of 2020, Shannon, who suffers from congenital heart issues, had to undergo his second open-heart surgery (and his 14th heart-related surgery). Their song “Help Me Now” was written about the experience; the album’s art depicts the outline of a man with a scar running down his chest, a painting done by a family friend inspired by a post-surgery photo of Shannon.

On The Other Side is the first full-length album recorded by Shannon (lead vocals, drums, harmonica, producer) and Spence (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, pedal steel, bass, producer) in over six years. It’s also an album of many firsts. “It’s the first time Spence and I have been the main songwriters on every track of a release,” says Shannon. “It’s the first time I’ve sung lead vocals on every track of a release. It’s the first time I’ve ever written songs on piano that turned into actual songs on an album. It’s the first time Spence has been the main bass player on a full album.”