13South Release Debut Single “Mississippi Way”

From the backwoods of Magnolia, Mississippi, 13South debut with single “Mississippi Way”. Described as “If Lynyrd Skynyrd and Junkyard had a baby,” these Hard Southern Rockers have dredged through adversity and the windfalls of life to capture magic and bring you MS Way — and their upcoming LP Bend Don’t Break. The songs are fun, rebellious, and renderings of the lifestyle and mystique of this Hard Rockin’ Southern Band.

“MS Way is not just about MS — it’s about a way of life where you may have grown up. Of course things change but only the faces. It could be Cincinnati Way, Oklahoma Way, New York Way, California Way — it’s endless. It’s a trip through my past and yours. Hanging with friends, hanging out with your best girl, longing for that taste of freedom no matter your path. 13South is a mindset. Something no one can take away. Just two guys writing about what they do best and their experiences. Blue Collar Baby,” from co-founding member Chris Blevins.