Paige Bea releases new EP ‘Goodbye, Then!’

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Paige Bea has released her new EP Goodbye, Then!, self-released via The Orchard.

The new EP firmly re-establishes Paige Bea within the alternative pop landscape after a two year hiatus from releasing music.

Influenced by acts such as FKA Twigs, Tirzah, Caroline Polachek, Jockstrap, James Blake and Sampha – those sonic touch points are evident within Paige’s avant-garde, unpredictable productions as she melds spiralling pop hooks and boundary pushing instrumentals, with timeless songwriting and self-aware lyricism. New EP ‘Goodbye, Then!’ sees the artist uniting with producers Leo Wyatt (aka KINDER) and Jonjo Keefe (Park Hotel).

The six-track EP explores the obsessions and projections that come with all relationships. From lustful beginnings (“4×4”) to shaky middles (“Autopilot” and “Melt”), bitter ends (“Stay Still”) to rose-tinted re-imaginings of the past (“The Quiet Of The Hours” and “Goodbye, Then!”) – the music aims to chart how warped perceptions of romantic relationships directly lead to their downfall. Part catharsis and part warning signal – the songs are an attempt to take back the narrative and add some much needed glamour and thrill to the tricky process of letting go.

“The production, lyrical themes and aesthetics surrounding Goodbye, Then! are a slow sharpening of my sense of self,” Paige explains. “It starts dark, murky and jagged and eventually reaches a place of clarity and peace. The maximalist approach to the EP is a significant contrast to how small I was made to feel – and that was important. These songs are about making myself the main character again and I want this EP to make those who listen feel empowered, sexy and resolute in stories of their own heartbreak too.”