Pink Siifu and Ahwlee Reunite As B. Cool-Aid

Pink Siifu and producer Ahwlee return to release new music as their enigmatic hip-hop/neo-soul duo B. Cool-Aid with a new double single titled bonded. Consisting of “COO”, co-produced by Kiefer, and “usedtoo”, which features Jay Feeniks. The new tracks find Siifu’s vocals gliding over Ahwlee’s mellow instrumentals that blend jazz, soul and hip-hop elements and soundtrack an equally mesmerizing video for both songs directed by Jacob Nadir Gray. The double single marks the first taste of their freshly-teased forthcoming album to be released in 2023 via Lex Records.

New music from the duo arrives following a rare live set in Brooklyn as part of Lex Records’ LEX-XX 20th anniversary party. “COO” and “usedtoo” are the first official releases from B. Cool-Aid in over three years following their last full-length project Syrup in 2019.