Eleni Drake Announces New Album ‘Surf the Sun’

British singer-songwriter Eleni Drake today announces her new album Surf the Sun and releases its first single “Guts”. New album Surf the Sun will be released on May 19th via her own Vanilla Sky Recordings label, and follows her 2021 debut full length Can’t Stop the Dawn.

“‘Guts’ is really about when someone holds a space for you that makes you feel so full. Being able to open up to someone, share experiences with them, and they respond with such love and care for you, is such a beautiful thing. You feel seen and heard. I typically struggle to open up to people, and always find it easier to do it through my music, but this specific person made me feel like I could tell them anything and I appreciated every moment I got to spend with them. So I guess the song is just about the love and gratitude I have for this person, and big thank you to them, for letting me be a part of their life.”