Charlotte Plank Shares “L.S.D.”

Indie-pop, garage, and drum & bass collide stupendously to get 2023 off to a bang it deserves courtesy of newcomer Charlotte Plank’s new cut “LSD”. Despite another popular acronym for the wording “LSD”, this track’s title is shorthand for Love So Damaged and continues Charlotte’s growing trend of creating music that hit the heart just as much as they do on the dance floor.

“This was written about the turbulent, habitual, addictive cycle of being in a toxic relationship” explains Charlotte, continuing “Whereby you know that it’s bad for you, you continue to hurt each other out of spite and lose respect for each other, yet it’s like you both subconsciously crave the problems and toxicity within one another and keep the rose-tinted glasses on yet another last chance despite your views of love being distorted and forever damaged.”