Mandi Mapes New Single “Daffodil Floors” Out Now

Indie singer-songwriter Mandi Mapes releases her second single “Daffodil Floors” from her forthcoming debut album Levees, due March 10. It’s a kind and gentle protest song about, “my personal journey of coming to the end of a long religious road. Finding the courage to step off that road and begin resting in my beloved-ness,” says Mandi.

“I think the overall message of this album is to not lose hope. ‘Surely Goodness’ is a reminder not to lose hope even in shadowy times because the light is never far away. ‘Levees’ is a story about how even when you’ve lost something you can never get back, love is still waiting for you. ‘Dream’ says it’s never too late to keep dreaming. ‘Van Gogh’ illustrates the importance of trying again after failure.”