Erika Olson Reveals New Single “Mom Life”

“Mom Life” is a personal song for Erika Olson as it draws imagery of the ups and downs of what it’s like being a mom. While it’s rewarding, it’s also hard. She sings “On the outside it looks nice/ Just watch out for the landmines/ We sharpen up our knives for another day of mom life/ So pass me down the wine/ I’ve been up all day and night just trying to survive.”

Erika started writing “Mom Life” when she was feeling particularly off her mom game. She began to notice that all the other moms around her seemed organized, on time, well rested, and put together – all without any effort. “Mothering in the time of social media has made it so easy to find damning evidence of my inadequacy,” she shares. “‘Mom Life’ is about the story I’ve written many times when comparing myself to others – that everyone else is simply better at life than I am. But after a deep breath, a glass of red, and a laughter filled session with my besties, the truth reveals itself. We are all just doing our best to survive the insanity of modern motherhood!”