Whitney Miller Releases New Single “15 Minutes of Fame”

Country music singer-songwriter Whitney Miller is excited to release her new single “15 Minutes of Fame”. The former Miss Texas and Miss United States, kickboxing commentator and MMA fighter is no stranger to hard work and dedication. Never one to shy away from difficult topics, Miller has taken the pain from a broken relationship and turned the experience into a lifelong lesson that most can learn from. With lyrics like “When it comes your time, I’ll bring the wine and we can make a toast to the next girl in line,” it is clear that she isn’t looking back for one second. In a short period of time, Whitney Miller is already making her mark in country music with several new singles and a debut album slated for 2023, proving to the world that she isn’t going to settle with just “15 Minutes of Fame” in a man or her music.

“This last year, since moving to Nashville, has been a wild roller coaster ride,” shares Miller. “There are times I have to pinch myself to make sure this musical journey isn’t simply a dream. In a way, this new song finally allowed me to say, or sing at the top of my lungs, all the things I was too afraid to say out loud. It was my own type of therapy and not only written from my own experience but also for anyone who has felt or watched their ex do the same thing, different day, different girl. ’15 Minutes of Fame’ is a sassy little truth teller and one of the best things that came from getting my heart broken.”