Andrew Broder Shares “Personal Effects”

Today, renowned Minneapolis producer and multi-genre musician Andrew Broder — whose recent production credits include Joe Rainey, Lambchop, Dua Saleh, Armand Hammer and more, in addition to his solo work as Fog — finally shares his brand new solo LP entitled The Show Original Soundtrack (via Lex Records).

To celebrate the arrival of the new LP, Broder has also shared a visualizer for the record’s focus track, “Personal Effects”.

“‘Personal Effects’ is a tune that starts off examining a stiff in a morgue, zooms out into the expanding cosmos and then ends running through a train tunnel, oncoming light blinding your eyes,” writes Broder. “The scene was set by Alan Moore, for whom the dead are never really – they got a lot more going on than that. Alan’s writing ping pongs around between layers of reality, dream and time in such head spinning ways. It was cool to take the music from his film, and abstract it further, into something more physical.”