Kramer Shares “Requiem for Max” Video

Today, iconic musician and producer Kramer shares the visual for “Requiem for Max”, created by Dutch visual artist Tinca Veerman. The track itself is a dedication to writer WG Sebald.

“Whereas every other piece on Moths is an internal (albeit wordless) monologue, ‘Requiem For Max’ was composed as a lament for the great novelist WG Sebald, who died tragically after his fourth book Austerlitz was released, which i had only just finished reading when news of his death arrived. Over twenty years later, this book remains the defining literary experience of my adult life. I dedicate this 3-piano dirge to his memory.”

“Requiem for Max” comes off Kramer’s brand new LP, Music for Films Edited by Moths, out now via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings.

“What I have come to embrace is the working notion that there is no Past, and no Future. There is only a constantly evolving series of microscopic moments that constitute the miraculous Present. As fertile as it is and always has been, for me, Memory is a chimera. So if you asked me what it is exactly that I am trying to do now, with Music, be it through song, or through ambience, I would confess that what i’m doing couldn’t be more simple; I am just trying to explain myself. I’m trying to show you who I am.”