Otra Debuts New Single “E&M”

Otra is a duo of two sisters. Recorded at their home in foggy Pacifica, CA, their debut album ‘I’m Not That Way’ (out digitally on February 10 via Thirty Something Records) documents their journey as they learn to see themselves more clearly and exist outside of expectations. As the band ruminates on their purpose and sense of self, the tracks search for their own sonic identities – weaving and wandering erratically through a fogfest of hypnagogic synths, chaotic clarinets, haunting vocal stacks, crunchy guitars, and polyrhythmic earth.

Of the new single “E&M” the band says: “Haim and St Vincent were on heavy rotation while making this instrumental. We didn’t realize until after piecing together the lyrics that we had written our unabashed album closer—The song is a release of expectations (both from other people and from ourselves) and a simple acceptance.”