Universal Honey Celebrate 30 Years on New Single “Time Blindness”

Universal Honey has been a mainstay in Canada’s music scene, with seven albums and numerous featured tracks in movies and television under their belt.

Formed by platinum recording artists Johnny Sinclair and Leslie Stanwyck after playing in the band The Pursuit of Happiness, Sinclair and Stanwyck’s songwriting partnership has spanned across three decades, 100+ tracks and hundreds of gigs across North America.

2023 marks their 30th anniversary and brings Dandelion, referenced by the duo as a remarkably resilient flower. Co-produced with Dan Marfisi, this is their first Universal Honey album in 18 years. Newcomers and old fans alike will enjoy its fresh, modern sound.

Love and loneliness swirl in the focus track “Time Blindness”, written around the time of the passing of musician Al Stanwyck, Leslie’s father. Thinking of his life and our own mortality, she tapped into the sweetness of the memories and the sadness of time being gone.