Mocs Wrestlers Struggle to Score at Appalachian State

The Chattanooga Mocs dropped a 25-6 decision at No. 19 Appalachian State Sunday afternoon. The Mocs took wins at 174 and 184 after starting with a 10- deficit. Several close losses down the stretch kept the squad from completing the comeback.

“They made it hard on us, and we didn’t match it,” Coach Kyle Ruschell shared. “We weren’t getting into our offense and didn’t do anything we’ve practiced or worked on from the start. It was a struggle for us, but we’ll get back into the room and work on finishing the season strong.”

The Mocs are now 4-1 in the league standings, one match behind the Mountaineers and Campbell. The squad returns to Maclellan Gym for four in a row at home to complete the dual season on Friday hosting Gardner-Webb at 7 p.m.

149: Noah Castillo 4-0 loss to Jon Jon MIllner
The first period was a constant battle of offense and counters between the two with Castillo getting a late takedown that was overturned by replay. Castillio could not get the escape in the second, while Millner put together a reversal to open the third for the win.

157: Lincoln Heck 13-3 loss to Tommy Askey
Heck gave up a couple of first period takedowns followed by escapes before Askey took control in the second with a third takedown before two more in the third.

165: Weston Wichman 6-0 loss to Will Formato
Wichman gave up a takedown and two near fall points in the opening period. Wichman got a near reversal on the near fall, but Formato fought it off. The only scoring either way the rest of the match was a third period escape for Formato and the riding point.

174: Rocky Jordan 12-5 win over Will Miller
Miller got off to a 5-0 start, but Jordan had other ideas. He scored seven points in the second with an escape, takedown and four near fall points to sett he tone for the third period. He got an escape point to start the third before a takedown, stall point and riding bonus.
Notes: Snaps a 6-match bonus point streak with five tech falls and a major over that stretch…8th straight win for Rocky.

184: Matthew Waddell 5-2 win over Lucas Uliano
Matthew got the late takedown in the first period that Uliano narrowly averted giving up back points or fall. He worked a reversal to open the second and once again just missed getting his opponent into a pinning position.
Notes: 69th career win, 61 at Chattanooga…win 6 of his last 7 duals

197: Jake Boyd 3-0 loss to Carson Floyd
Floyd opening the scoring in the second with a reversal after choosing bottom to start. Boyd chose neutral in the third but could not complete his shot for the takedown.

285: Logan Andrew 6-0 loss to Jacob Sartorio
Sartorio got the first takedown in the match two minutes into the bout. He got another in the second and escape in the third. Riding time closed the scoring.

125: Logan Ashton 8-5 loss to Caleb Smith
Smith got the first takedown and a reversal for a 4-0 advantage early in the second. Ashton escaped and worked his was back to a 4-4 tie with an escape to open the third, but Smith fended off Ashton shot in the third and got the final takedown.

133: Brayden Palmer 5-2 loss to Ethan Oakley
Palmer opened the scoring with an escape to start the second. Oakley matched it with his own in the third. Oakley then got a takedown with 20 seconds left before getting hit for stall warning with 4.0 to go fending off Brayden’s reversal attempt. Palmer was allowed to escape immediately but missed on his takedown effort leading to a final takedown for Oakley.

141: Franco Valdes 4-0 loss to Heath Gonyer
Gonyer’s first period takedown stood up. He stayed on top for the second period before finishing with an escape and the riding bonus.

#19 App State 25, Chattanooga 6
149: #9 Jon Jon MIllner (ASU) 4-0 dec. over Noah Castillo (UTC) – 0-3
157: #28 Tommy Askey (ASU) 13-3 maj. dec. over Lincoln Heck (UTC) – 0-7
165: #26 Will Formato (ASU) 6-0 dec. over Weston Wichman (UTC) – 0-10
174: #11 Rocky Jordan (UTC) 12-5 dec. over #27 Will Miller (ASU) – 3-10
184: #26 Matthew Waddell (UTC) 5-2 dec. over Luke Uliano (ASU) – 6-10
197: Carson Floyd (ASU) 3-0 dec. over Jake Boyd (UTC) – 6-13
285: Jacob Sartorio (ASU) 6-0 dec. over Logan Andrew (UTC) – 6-16
125: #11 Caleb Smith (ASU) 8-5 dec. over Logan Ashton (UTC) – 6-19
133: Ethan Oakley (ASU) 5-2 dec. over #13 Brayden Palmer (UTC) – 6-22
141: Heath Gonyer (ASU) 4-0 dec. over Franco Valdes (UTC) – 6-25