King 810 Releases New EP ‘Follow My Tears’

American heavy metal band King 810 have released their new EP Follow My Tears via King Nation.  The band will be on a European/UK tour dubbed The Steppin’ Over Roaches Tour this spring with Alphawolf in support.

In addition, the band will be playing Bloodstock Open Air in Catton Park, Derbyshire this August.

“Over the past year I have been mentally unstable. My intentions have not been as focused as they are typically. This wasn’t obvious until I reviewed the fifty songs me and Josh wrote over the recent couple years. Only then did I realize there wasn’t the concept of a whole record here. Instead the songs played as smaller groups of frenzied schizophrenic fits. So it is likely we will come with several EPs over the year because of this. I don’t think of it as any less of a release it just feels like the best way to deliver the songs,” says David Gunn about Follow My Tears.

“This video is about digital technocracy. The demi gods that are the global hegemonies on the earth today and the religion it has grown into. The big tech hand that turns the dial influencing us to love the virtuous tribes we belong to and to hate the out-group of the “other”. Most of all it about how much we hate ourselves…,” Gunn adds,.