La Faute Drop New Single “Blue Girl Nice Day”

“Blue Girl Nice Day” is the lead single from La Faute’s forthcoming debut album of the same name. “Making the music video, I was thinking about weakness and strength,” says La Faute.

“Blue Girl Nice Day” is a dark, dreamy song inspired by the Milgram Experiments of the 1960s, where subjects were instructed to give ever-increasing electric shocks to a “learner” who was supposed to memorize a combination of word pairs, such as Blue/Girl and Nice/Day, and repeat them back. Strangely, most people would obey an authority figure and give even lethal shocks to the learner if they made a mistake, following orders against their own conscience. The participants were very shaken by what they were capable of, once the true nature of the experiment was revealed to them.

“This isn’t a literal retelling of the story, but it made me reflect on how we hurt each other, intentionally and not, and what we do when we find out we aren’t the people we thought we were. I wanted the music to sound deceptively sweet at first and then become more sinister and sad as it went along. The words from the experiment are so simple and nice, like from a children’s book, they hardly say anything about the darkness and pain that went along with them.”