BOY2K Drops New Dance Single “Close Friends”

BOY2K has released their latest single, “Close Friends”, a sexy, club-ready anthem about the temptations of tantalizing online flings. “Close Friends” – the first original single the duo has released following the debut of their EP B2K released last year.

In “Close Friends,” BOY2K’s characteristic sultry vocals lead over a synth-heavy instrumental with 2010s-pop and EDM influences. The duo fuses a catchy, dance-ready melody with sharp, relatable lyrics like, “keep it totally digital unless you need something physical” – portraying the relatable experience of adjusting expectations between online and IRL connections. Yet, beneath its tongue-in-cheek exterior, “Close Friends” questions whether online flings and interactions actually leave us satisfied, or craving something deeper. Grazing commentary on the cycles of external validation and gated communities of the social media age, the song celebrates the indulgence of these connections.

“To us, ‘Close Friends’ embodies the idea of ‘Music For The People’ in its use of world sounds and the hilariously relatable experience of someone sliding into your DM,” reveals Boy Untitled. “It’s fun, it makes you move, and honestly, makes us LOL when we sing it. It feels like a bop you can get down to with your bestie. Just like us when we made it.” Co-written by both Boy Apocalypse and Boy Untitled, “Close Friends” was produced by the former, and inspired by the creative joy and freedom the duo experiences when making music together as close friends and collaborators. “Mark helped me finish writing it, and from there, the lyrics drove the production,” says Boy Apocalypse. “We wanted something fun, almost tropical, to underscore the silly nature of the song, so I used a lot of Caribbean sounds plus some detuned, almost juvenile toy noises.”