22 For Silicon Alone Signs With Epictronic

The universe of music just got a little bit bigger and a lot more interesting with the reissue of Only Dark Matters, the first album from Space Art Rock project 22 For Silicon Alone. Led by audiovisual director and singer/songwriter Alexis Pfrimmer, this innovative band replaces traditional rock instruments with the violin and baritone saxophone, creating a sound that transcends the boundaries of space and time.

The songs on Only Dark Matters are a musical journey that takes listeners from metal to classical, with electrifying touches of electro and improvisational flourishes. With lyrics in both French and English, the album offers a unique perspective on the universe and a chance to explore the balance between chaos and grace.

Acclaimed by the press for their otherworldly experience, 22 For Silicon Alone has already performed at renowned venues like La Mazane in Paris and L’Armande Kurth in Liège. The reissue of Only Dark Matters is set to take the universe by storm and make waves in the world of music.

The reissue of Only Dark Matters by 22 for Silicon Alone will be available on March 31, via Epictronic Records.