Harry Klein Releases New Album ‘And Then There Was None’

Harry Klein’s 14-track debut album, And Then There Was None is out now. Throughout the album, listeners will hear influences of indie dance, psychedelic pop, and experimental electronica with hints of glitch.

Featuring experimental dance production alongside tunes with a melancholic pop flavoring, whether you’re looking to dance or for a moment of introspection, there’s something for you in this full length release.

This album’s overarching objective is to explore uncomfortable questions about relationships, community and social constructs of power.

“Don’t Look In The Light” is a psychedelic dance banger that begins with an energetic rolling beat syncopated with a repeating vocal hook. Within the verses, Harry Klein switches between vocal ranges, creating a feeling of uncertainty and complexity that echoes the sentiment of the lyrics.

“‘Don’t Look In the Light’ explores the complex space between romantic partners, a paradox of letting go and holding on,” says Klein.

Written over two days in his home studio, Harry then spent months mixing, tweaking and manipulating each element until it felt resolved. The rolling beat and repeating vocal hook were the start of the creation process and over time, the intricate synth sounds and psychedelic effects filled in, finishing with an overdriven guitar solo.

Part of the album’s creation process involved Harry Klein’s partner and close friends who were asked to give honest feedback and thoughts about each of the tracks. “After playing in bands up until now, I suddenly didn’t have anyone to work with, lean on, or boost confidence and morale. Isolation, and self doubt seeped through and impaired the writing process and my overall mental health, so I lent on my community to help me make decisions in the final stages of completing the album”.