The Mentoris Project Presents ‘At Last: A Novel  Based On The Life Of Harry Warren’

“My friends don’t even know who I am.” – Harry Warren

At Last: A Novel Based on the Life of Harry Warren, explores the craft of the songwriter—the person who often goes unrecognized as the genius behind a hit song. Harry Warren wrote some of the most iconic songs of a generation including “At Last”, “That’s Amore”, “I Only Have Eyes For You”, “We’re In The Money”, “Jeepers Creepers” and dozens more. His talent for melody powered the voices greats such as of Judy Garland and Carmen Miranda, and the horns of Glenn Miller’s big band—who recorded Chattanooga Choo Choo, earning the first Gold Record in history.

The golden age of the Hollywood musical celebrated through the life of unsung hit-maker Harry Warren.

Eliciting a swell of nostalgia, Harry Warren’s jaunty melodies lift our spirits as much today as they did for Depression-era moviegoers. Navigating a business already known for its glamour, excess, and ruthless business practices, Warren quietly but resplendently helped create a new American art form.

A self-taught musician, Warren was nominated for eleven best original song Academy Awards and took home three Oscars. He composed twenty musicals including 42nd Street and many unforgettable American standards. At Last brings readers on a journey through yesteryear’s Tin Pan Alley, Busby Berkeley set pieces, cocktails with the Gershwins, and the creative and collaborative process of a prolific musical genius.