‘Yeah, But Still’ Host Jack Wagner Launches First Season of ‘Otherworld’ Podcast

Jack Wagner, director, viral internet personality, and co-host of the Yeah, But Still podcast, has launched a new podcast called Otherworld just in time for Halloween. Season Zero of the independently produced series tells first hand stories of real people who have experienced something supernatural or unexplained. Wagner takes a journalistic approach to paranormal storytelling, covering frequently dismissed topics such as ghosts, UFOs, The Hat Man, abduction, possession, curses and more.

For the past four years, Wagner has produced special Halloween episodes of Yeah, But Still, inviting listeners to write in and share their spooky encounters. Completely overwhelmed by the quantity and intensity of the submissions, it became clear that this passion project should become its own show, and ‘Otherworld’ was born.

Interviews from this season come from people in Venezuela, Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, UK and Morocco and aim to give credence to the human experiences behind these enigmatic stories, as well as encourage people to come forward and share moments they may have been trying to forget. Unlike most paranormal podcasts, Wagner pursues these stories himself and investigates far beyond where a typical spooky story might end. As a result, Wagner and the podcast end up in some very strange situations that will become increasingly bizarre as the season continues.

“Jack has been a master of finding the humor and intrigue in seemingly lifeless parts of our life. And he’s found that once again with Otherworld, in the most lifeless part of the internet, podcasts” said Jason Stewart, host of How Long Gone. “Only Jack can take a subject like paranormal activity and make a show that feels and looks as slick as anything A24 would option.”

“It’s refreshing for content of this subject matter to not be sensationalist or exploitative,” said musician Dan Deacon. “Jack Wagner is the perfect tonal mixture of sincerely intrigues and casually riffing.”