Diane Arkenstone Shares New Song “Rising”

For close to three decades, iconic multi-instrumentalist / singer-songwriter Diane Arkenstone has shared her many musical talents whether as a New Age and ambient music pioneer, a distinctive singer and songwriter, or an explorer of cultures—those that she has a personal connection to such as Native American and Celtic musical traditions. All of her work has been geared toward inspiring, uplifting and healing and she’s always practiced a life of mindfulness. On her new album of collected past works as well as new original material, Diane has curated a set of music with an overall theme of empowerment—both individually and collectively. Her new song “Rising” illustrates how music has helped her overcome challenges throughout her life. The rhythmic song showcases both metal and wooden tongue drums that create a sublime, haunting beat.

Appearing on World Calling are stellar artists such as Grammy-nominated Derek Nakamoto who produced and added supporting vocals in “Fearlessly Falling”. World Calling will be released via Arkenstone’s self-owned Neo Pacifica Recordings on March 17.

“In my youth I was horribly bullied, and music was a healing and empowering outlet for me, which led to exploring lots of different musical instruments. For instance, in this song, I play a metal tongue drum and a wooden tongue drum to tell my story. This song is about empowerment and ‘Rising’ above it all. And I found this beautiful phrase in the title, which sums it up perfectly. I SING,” explains Diane of the inspiration for the single.

“We are at a critical juncture with our planet and our humanity. My prayers, protests and love are voiced in these songs.”