Harroway Release New Single “Parasite”

Sydney metalcore quintet Harroway share their heaviest material yet with new single “Parasite”, which comes accompanied with news of the band’s debut EP, I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore, out Friday April 28.

Produced mixed and mastered by Mark Williamson at Keywork Audio (Inertia, Closure, After Touch), “Parasite” is the bands first release of 2023 and boasts devastating breakdowns, haunting vocal melodies and contrasting raw vocals. The track lyrically delves into the nature of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and how living with the disorder can affect loved ones.

“Parasite reflects the violent internal chaos and self hate that comes from living with BPD and how it infects the people around you, even though you feel like you are protecting them by doing your best to keep it hidden,” explains vocalist Matt Banks.