Misha Fair Shares New Single “Memphis”

Misha Fair, a prolific singer-songwriter, has been making a bold impression with her classic country vocals and expressive lyrics. Those who have been fortunate enough to see her dynamic performances are in high expectation of her upcoming solo releases.

Her brand-new single “Memphis” is a fast-paced, boot stomping, thrilling, and satirical release from Misha Fair. Mixing genres of alt-country, country, bluegrass, Americana, and outlaw country, she was able to create an outstanding track that will turn heads from the very first listen.

Featuring instruments of the fiddle, guitar, percussion, bass, digital programming, and Misha Fair’s beautiful vocals, “Memphis” is a great introduction to the songstress’ music catalog. The exquisite songwriting and intriguing storytelling truly showcase her musical abilities in a wonderful manner.

“Memphis” was the last of seven songs presented to another artist who was interested in crossing over to country. Misha Fair wrote a few records for herself that we presented and the production staff thought it would be great to offer more options. She was presented with this fast paced track by producer WLPWR, and decided that compared to the other records, this had to be simple and intentional. She wrote and sang the lyrics very “matter of fact” to reflect the emotions that she imagined that artist feeling. She wrote and recorded top-line and backgrounds in the studio alone initially, but had a hard time getting that vocal drive to come through. But, when they decided to release the record as her own, it was the demo version that stuck. WLPWR later had live musicians come in and record additional elements like the fiddle, guitar and bass.

“I think that it’s very different from other records I’ve done, but I love that simple stanza format (reminding me of a quick paced version of traditional folk songs like House of the Rising Sun, in a small way). Memphis represents the place and the person… the lengths one might go through for revenge if it were possible. It’s fictitious but inspired by real emotions. Ultimately, it is meant to evoke the emotion and exhilaration of a woman finally getting her ‘lick back’ after heartbreak.”