munro Releases Double Single “Butterflies / Pineal”

Electronic producer munro released his latest double single “Butterflies / Pineal” today via Quality Goods Records. The offering follows the release of the AI-generated music video for his single “About You”.

“For me, these records were a creative exercise in rethinking how I write music – foregoing some heavy toplines and letting the feeling speak for itself. There’s so much that can be said with an instrumental track, or through sampling – and I really wanted to tap into that.”

munro has pulled out all the stops to create his latest club-friendly double single. To start, his record “Butterflies” takes a twist in a maelstrom of rhythmic complexity to keep you on your feet and moving. “Pineal” is a collection of warm, muffled vocal chops that yearn to speak–a cerebral yet danceable composition. “I wanted to lean back into the club side of dance music, that I’ve been missing so much as of late,” he said. “The purest part of electronic music is its utility – fundamentally, it’s meant to be a DJ-able record that moves people, right?”