The Hellfreaks Unleash Third Single “Weeping Willow”

Hungary’s The Hellfreaks are ready to serve another dose of their skillfully-combined modern metal blend, featuring heavy post-hardcore and skate punk influences galore. Topped with a mix of delicate clean vocals and aggressive screams, they are primed to drop jaws around the world. The Hellfreaks are off to a flying start with their upcoming fifth album, Pitch Black Sunset, out April 14 via Napalm Records.

Showing off the band’s versatility and unquestionable talent, their third single, “Weeping Willow”, leans towards modern electronic metal. With a drastic change towards the end – the dark and eerily atmospheric track surprises the listener with extraordinary vocalist Zsuzsa “Shakey Sue“ Radnóti’s impressive core-breaking shouts. “Weeping Willow” comes along with a smashing, highly-energetic official video, proving once more that The Hellfreaks don’t compromise on any rules and defy norms.

Waving the flag of a new generation of metal and punk,The Hellfreaks are experts in the fusion of punk subgenres and chart-storming modern metal.

“‘Weeping Willow’ is a raw and brutally honest portrayal of the battle with our inner demons. This song reveals the darkest and vulnerable side of the album that we wanted to reveal it with the most cinematic video we’ve ever shot by using symbolism and imagery, that truly captures the essence of the song,” says The Hellfreaks.

“We wanted our fans to know that they are not alone in their struggles. Mental health is a battle that many people face, including us and ‘Weeping Willow’ is a reminder that for some of us it is normal to feel overwhelmed and to ask for help. We believe it is an important release that deserves to be heard, and we are proud to share it with our familys, fans and supporters. Stay strong, and remember, you are not alone!”