“When the going gets tough, the tough

get going. Who’s with me?



A Brief History:

When Enigma first hit the streets 25 years ago we were an alternative weekly covering music,pop culture, popular opinion, (– some not so much), sports and politics.

As time went by, with changing tastes we became a monthly magazine covering the same topics with more attention paid to entertainment and pop culture.

Over the years Enigma has brought readers the great interviews, exclusive photographs 

(*not a wire service) of some of the biggest stars in 

entertainment and professional and college sports and pop culture.

 We have also been proud of being an open forum for discussion 

of all ends of the spectrum without prejudice or favor.

When the pandemic hit we did not think it was responsible or even safe to put a print publication on the streets. It wasn’t fair to our advertisers and wasn’t safe for readers. No one knew for sure what the details on the pandemic would be (– and still don’t), so we put our print publication on hiatus.

While everything is still uncertain we have noticed that restrictions are slowly lifting, many are returning to work or reopening their businesses and we feel it’s time to reacquaint you with Enigma.

Introducing: Enigma’s Pandemic Times.

Enigma’s Pandemic Times 

is a condensed version of Enigma that many of you knew or even grew up with. For the time being we will be returning to a monthly format with a limited number of pages.

All the essentials will be here such as “Dear Rocco”, “Weird News”, 

the horoscopes and other pieces, including some interviews. 

For longer interviews and articles you will be directed to a link to access

or download the full edition of the magazine (at no cost to the reader).

Once everything gets back to normal (– or some semblance of normal) we intend to bring back the full edition of Enigma. The pandemic issues are a great chance to reintroduce yourself to the magazine.

Our goal is once the economy and city reopens fully we will return to our regular magazine.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.
Enigma Magazine
P.O. Box 825
Chattanooga, TN 37401

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